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2019 Latest School conference present Customization Case

Jul, 02, 2020

School conference present Customization does not agree with other commercial conference present. It is a cultural exchange meeting based on education and training. Therefore, gifts pay more attention to the promotion of school brand and let more people know the cultural background of the school. The school is an effective way to quickly spread the popularity of the school within a certain period of time through the strategy of customizing gifts.Similarly, gift customization is also a way to influence others for a long time.What are the choices for schools to make gifts?

2019 Latest School conference present Customization Case

King Kong Charging Kit

If you choose highly practical customized conference gifts, you can suggest to look at MIDU gift customized digital electronic products.The quality of these things in their home is relatively reliable, and the delivery time for customization is relatively fast.

Like this set of Hebei Normal University customized charging kit, the utility is very high and the publicity effect is also acceptable.

2019 Latest School conference present Customization Case

Xiangyun buckle notepad power supply

Yangzhou University's customized conference case uses Xiangyun USB flash drive notebook mobile power supply with wireless charging and high practical value. This customized conference gift is often displayed to outsiders and can effectively play a role in brand communication.Moreover, they also attach great importance to the quality of the products they choose, demanding that they be of good quality and can be used by people all the time.

2019 Latest School conference present Customization Case

Notepad set

The conference present case of Shandong University, notepad sets, schools or educational institutions also have many ways to give these gifts, which can be given through some activities or through incentives.Giving gifts in the form of gratitude and feedback depends on the school's strategic plan.The more you send, the greater the impact you can have. This is inevitable.

2019 Latest School conference present Customization Case

Rope-hanging Notepad Power Supply

The customized case of conference present, an Asia-Pacific graduate student, has the name or logo of the school on the cover of the notebook, which is very conspicuous.Although it is not a key school, the spread of this brand will gradually deepen people's understanding of this school.

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